Monday, June 29, 2009

R.I.P Michael Jackson

To be honest the death of Michael Jackson is just now really hitting me. He was the man. I think its horrible how people can say such hateful things about him STILL, and hes gone now. AND It's no doubt that Michael Jackson was a very different kind of person but who are we to judge him because we were not there with him through all the hard times in his life. See I have to try to put myslef in his shoes...If all that he went through happened to me, I would probably be the same way. Your a product of your environment. And unfortunately it was his environment that brought him to his death because they put so much pressure on him to be perfect. And today I heard someone say "he died from a broken heart" and thats thats very true. =/ But he will never be forgotten and I know that he knew his fans always had love for him no matter what. And Michael is loved loved all around the world. So you can hate on him if you want to but just know that you probably cant think of anyone who is known and loved more in this world other than Jesus and Michael. And if you know somebody please let me know.

This is my favorite Michael Jackson video

I felt that she did a good job singing this.

He sounded soooooo close to the real thing. And this is one of my favorite songs by him.

R.I.P to the KING!

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