Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Ok so I been into the whole fashion of the Harajuku culture for a while. So dont think I got it from the rapper Nicki Minaj who calls herself the Harajuku Barbie. I will admit that when I heard her mention herself as the Harajuku Barbie, I liked it so I did kind of take that from her. And me and Nicki have the same type of slanted eyes because of our heritage. So I felt that it was a good name for myself & one of my favorite clothing lines is Harajuku Lovers. & I actually know what it is to be a Harajuku girl and I have read many articles on Harajuku fashion. I wasn't really up on it until Gwen Stefani came out with her own little Harajuku Crew and then when I saw them I had to do my research...cuz thats what I do. LOL! And I dont necessarily dress like a true Harajuku Girl but I like there look. Its a bit much for my own personal taste, but I do wear the Harajuku Lovers line of clothing from time to time which isn't so eccentric. I can deal with that. ^-^

SO which brings me to this. Next photo shoot im going to do is going to be partly based off of the Harajuku look. But Im going to incorporate the Look of Fafi (and I will explain Fafi in a later posting) characters as well which I also LOVE! The look im over all going for is like crazy, funky, baby doll like. You get it? And I got the best secret location to do it at too! But I can't disclose it cuz its too exclusive right now. LOL! You just have to wait and see. But here are some pics below to show you where I got my inspiration from:

This is one of the Harajuku Lovers ads for their perfume line. And I personally own the one called Music. It smells sooo good.

This right here is another ad that I thought was really cute.

And these girls right here represent the REAL DEAl.
You can find them parading around the streets of
Harajuku, Tokyo any day. Like I said the style is very
Eccentric though. I could never go this far but its cute. LOL!

Very cute I think. ^_^ Or super Kawaii! (Means super cute in Japanese)And they all seem to wear really cute socks to. That's cute!

SO as you can see I have really different taste when it comes to fashion. Although I feel that a lot of the things I like are too risky for me, I still like to look at and talk about them. And A lot of the things I like aren't exactly everyday wear but its good for photo shoots to get a certain point across. Ya digg that??


  1. your right , i couldn't ever go tht far but it's cute i guess . . . nice pictures too ! =]

  2. I love this post and like you said i could never go that far but it's cute

  3. Hey, Its skylar, and I truly agree, when i get older im going to learn japanese and move to HARAJUKU,JAPAN but you no that's just me, And their style omg it soo amazing and cuite they have an awesome style,Oh and the pictures are amazing also, I of couse a fan of the harajuku barbie and so is nicki minaj(awesome singer!).!!

  4. i am sooo harajuku barbie they call me here in miami MZ.UNIQUE. CWIMS@YMAIL.COM

  5. i love harajuku fashion, but i dont wana rock it with everybody thinking i stole the idea from nicki minaj, she's my fav female rapper n all, but i didnt!! Oh My G, what a dilema.

  6. Nicki minaj dont dress anything close to a real harajuku barbie thats just a fact i been lovin this whole style since gwen launched her karajuku lovers collection

  7. gwen Stefani has been Harajuku since I'm just a girl,but everybody just thought, oh this girl dresses wierd. LOL. NO DOUBT ROCKS!!!

  8. I love these Harajuku girls and their styles i think its cool and pretty its also amazing. i really admire them cuz they're bold and wear what ever they want and don't seem to care they're really cute and adorable. i really love them. But i just hate the fact that all these people are coping these Japanese chicks and their styles and and trying to turn it into their own. But any ways i really love the whole Harajuku thing, its fun funky imaginative and creative.