Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kim Kardashian style and cute summer shoes. :)

I love Kim Kardashian's style. She's somebody who I think of when I need an idea of what to where for something that requires you to be extra cute or dressy.

A more casual look.

This dress was so pretty to me. I love this whole outfit.

Even the mama is fly with her Fendi bag. LOL! And I would have never thought to wear those shoes that Kim has on with that but its cute.

Cute Summer shoes that I found on the net:

Me and my friend Ladora call these the Kim Kardashin type of shoes. We love these kind of shoes.

All of these shoes came from Bakers, so if you go on the website you can find them there.

But another place that I came across with these type of shoes was "The Alley" in California. And there shoes looked just like the ones Im going to post below but they costed a fraction of what bakers is charging. So if you ever get a chance to go to california go there because everything is like half price and very good quality to.

Jessica Simpson may not be the best singer in my opinion but the girl has a good eye for fashion I think.


I love these!! Those are like all my favorite colors on one shoe. lol! I can see myself in these.

I love this color too.

This is the same shoe as the first one but in brown. But I like this color too.

I just seen these shoes at the mall today too. They as soooo cute.

So yeah, thats that! I want every pair of them shoes. LOL!

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